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Jolshiri is a massive endeavor

Jolshiri Abason in Bangladesh
Jolshiri Abason

Jolshiri is a massive endeavor, an ideal and comprehensive modern township development undertaking, the first of its kind in the country by the Bangladesh Army. It is very close to the capital city with excellent connectivity, modern amenities, facilities, and much more.

  • Jolshiri will be developed as a smart city where there will be provision of integrated underground utility facilities (Electric line, Water supply network, Sewerage network, Fire Fighting system & ICT)

  • This is the only smart city in Bangladesh where only 52% of the land area is utilized for construction and the rest 48% will be open space.

  • The city will have recreational facilities where you will be able to enjoy the water ride at lakes, parks, lakeside walkways & and cycle tracks and there will also be an international standard Golf Course, Amusement park, and 5-star hotel.

  • The city itself will be self-dependent in terms of providing top-class education and medical treatment to the residents of the city.

  • It will have a central business district like other modern cities of developing countries where world-class community facilities will be made available for all the clients of the city.

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